Cannabis users are turning to vape juice in record numbers right now, and cannabis producers all across the country are scrambling to keep up with the huge demand for vape liquids which the industry is seeing. Online vape oil suppliers such as, www.jujuroyalcbd.com are loaded with order for vape juice from every corner of the country, and most suppliers are not even able to produce enough vape oil to meet the needs of their clients. We are all familiar with the main reasons why vape oil is in such high demand; mainly because of the easy with which it can be used, and also the potency of CBD vape juice compared to other cannabis products. In this article we are going to highlight a few of the other reasons why vape oils are so wildly popular right now.

Vape oil cartridges give people the ability to take their cannabis anywhere they go. A single cannabis cartridge has more THC than a pound of marijuana, which means that a lot of THC can fit right into your pocket. Many consumers that have switched to vape oils from cannabis plants have said that they love the fact that they don’t have to bring huge bags of marijuana with them if they want to enjoy their cannabis when out of the house. People don’t like carrying large amounts of marijuana because it tends to leave behind a strong odor wherever it goes. In some parts of the country people can also be ticketed for carrying cannabis products, so the less conspicuous their cannabis is, the better they feel.

Vape oil has also taken off in popularity thanks to the fact that vape oi makers have started producing vape oils with all sorts of delicious flavors. Not everyone enjoys the taste of cannabis, so vape oils are a good alternative to smoking thanks to their very subtle cannabis flavor, and with flavored oils flooding the market, people are enjoying a good smoke even more. One company in California is offering more than five hundred flavors of vape oil, so there is bound to be a flavor for all tastes.

Vape oil might also be on the rise among cannabis users because of recent studies which suggest that vape oils enhance the good effects of THC. Recent studies done by private cannabis development labs have found evidence that the high concentration of THC in vape oil is able to enhance positive elements of the drug. Vape oil was found to be much more effective for treating people with insomnia than traditional marijuana. In fact, people who smoked a marijuana cigarette before going to bed were not show to sleep longer, or obtain a better level of sleep. The study also found significant evidence that people who use vape oils to treat chronic pain benefitted far more from vape oils, mainly due to the simple fact that the effects of the vape oils lasted longer than regular cannabis, and so provided longer lasting relief in pain sufferers.