Top 5 most popular styles of yoga classes

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Many people who have never done yoga before have often put it off for fear that they are out the their league. They worry that they are not flexible enough or in shape enough, even though neither of those qualities are required in order to enjoy yoga. If by chance someone does get as far as to get online and look at class offerings at a studio near them, many times the names of the classes themselves are enough to make someone give up and close out of the website. Here is a quick cheat sheet of the top 5 most popular styles of yoga so you can feel confident as you go forward and conquer the yoga world at a great studio like Samadhi Yoga Denver!

  1. Bikram- Bikram yoga is also referred to at some studios as “hot yoga”. This is where the yoga studio is jungle-hot (almost 105 degrees at many studios) and extremely humid in order to promote sweat and detox. If a class is labeled as “Bikram” yoga instead of hot yoga, this simply means it is an official iteration of the class created by Bikram Choudhury and will be pretty standard at any studio you go to because it follows the same poses throughout the class. If you are looking to really sweat, this is the style of yoga for you.
  2. Hatha- This is probably the best class for beginners as it puts a large focus on learning the different yoga postures and learning to move with your breath. Rather than flowing through movements the way you would in other styles, hatha yoga classes put emphasis on holding poses and developing muscle memory.
  3. Iyengar- Iyengar yoga is for you if you are most interested in learning proper technique and finding optimal alignment for your body. Some people in the yoga world jokingly refer to Iyengar yoga as “furniture yoga” because it utilizes many of the common yoga props such as straps and blocks to help the body achieve the most proper alignment in each pose.
  4. Restorative- Restorative yoga is best if you need relaxation and stress relief. Aptly named, restorative yoga focuses on restoring both the mind and body by deep breathing exercises, slow and deliberate motions and lots of relaxing into poses and learning to become one with the breath.
  5. Vinyasa- Considered one of the most athletic and challenging forms of yoga, vinyasa yoga can also be referred to as “power yoga” at some studios. In this form of yoga, you will focus on different sequences of poses that often challenge the body’s strength and endurance. Unlike Bikram yoga, which has a standard set of moves, vinyasa yoga can change at each class and can vary quite a bit between teachers and studios.

If you are thinking about taking Denver yoga classes, this list should help you choose the right style for you. Once you go to your first class, you will be able to define what it is your mind and body need and adjust accordingly.