These are the reasons people seek a medical marijuana prescription

medical marijuana doctor

In this day and age, more and more people are seeking natural treatments for pain, diseases and other ailments. Often, people are wary to trust the drug companies in the pharmaceutical industry because pills can be expensive, not necessarily covered by insurance and some of the more intense pain killers pose a threat for opioid addicts. Instead, people have been looking for homeopathic and natural ways to treat illness, as well as doctors who support that treatment plan. Some people choose vegetarian or vegan diets, juice cleanses, detoxes or yoga. Others choose to manage pain and lessen symptoms by getting a medical marijuana prescription. The reasons people have to seek out different medical treatments are vast and diverse, but here are a few of the common reasons that someone might look to obtain a medical cannabis card.

  • They suffer from severe anxiety- Even before medical marijuana was prescribed, people have noticed that one of the effects of smoking marijuana was the lessening of anxiety. Now, medical marijuana doctors are prescribing medical marijuana as a way to help people manage anxious feelings and calm down.
  • They deal with PTSD symptoms- According to recent statistics, nearly 25 million Americans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Medical marijuana, in many cases, is used to help those who suffer from PTSD because it helps with sleeplessness and night terrors and also acts as a mild sedative to help calm patients and lessen PTSD-related anxiety.
  • They have insomnia- Cannabis is also helpful as a sleep aid, calming the mind and allowing for relaxation and a good nights’ sleep. This can be a debilitating problem all on it’s own, however it is also part of many other conditions such as anxiety and PTSD.
  • They want to combat side effects of chemotherapy- One of the more common uses of medical marijuana from MedMar Releaf Clinic is to manage the symptoms of cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Chemo often brings such side effects as pain, nausea, diarrhea, sores and more. Medical marijuana, however, will help ease these symptoms and in the case of nausea, relieve it while many times bringing back the appetite as well.
  • They are looking to manage other serious diseases- Studies have shown that patients with arthritis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and more have shown symptomatic improvement when including medical marijuana into their treatment programs. Often the help with pain management goes a long way to helping patients feel better, more energetic and more rested, which can benefit their overall healing.

Medical marijuana has been shown to help thousands of people find relief from numerous symptoms and conditions. For those who are curious about what other possibilities lie in the use of medical marijuana, it is good to talk to a medical marijuana doctor. As seen above, there are many ways in which medical marijuana can be a helpful part of a treatment plan from mild pain to severe and even for severe illnesses and conditions. Living with the symptoms of these types of conditions is often what encourages people to try medical marijuana.