There are three reasons why one might consider dermatology surgery.

Millions of people around the world take a trip to their dermatologist’s office once a year. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, specifically regarding diagnoses and treatment of skin conditions, it’s now easier than ever to treat and even cure all sorts of ailments that can affect a person’s skin. Even issues as serious as skin cancer can be treated successfully by dermatologists if they are caught early enough. Of course, most people who visit a dermatologist don’t have skin cancer, but instead are dealing with issues like acne, eczema, blackheads, and the like. Thus, for most people, treatments are non-invasive, and most often require the application of some kind of cream, a recommended change in lifestyle habits like diet and exercise, or a simple medication.

However, for the more serious dermatological issues that people might be having, dermatology surgery is an option. Most dermatologists would prefer to use surgery as a last resort because of how invasive it can be and the fact that it can sometimes leave scars behind. However, in many cases, the only option for a positive dermatological outcome is surgery. Here are the three main reasons why a person might consider surgery to help with their skin issue.

http://www.dermatologyseattle.com1. Skin Cancer. The primary reason why a person would turn to dermatological surgery is because they’ve recently been diagnosed with skin cancer and they want to remove the cancer as quickly as possible. In most cases, surgery is the best option. People generally don’t like surgery, but if having it means that they’ll be giving themselves the best chance to live a long and healthy life, they’ll usually take the plunge.

2. Cosmetic Purposes. Another reason why a person might consider dermatological surgery is for strictly cosmetic purposes. In some instances, a person will be suffering from some sort of skin issue that can only be resolved or eliminated through surgery. In these cases, the skin issue isn’t putting their physical health at risk, but it is quite visible and noticeable, and the person wants to get it removed. Thus, they’ll turn to a dermatological surgeon for a consult to see if the issue can be resolved through surgery.

3. Reconstruction. When someone goes through something like a bad car accident or a house fire, they often turn to dermatological surgery for reconstruction purposes. If their skin has been severely damaged and they want to restore it to the way it looked before the accident, they’ll consult with a dermatology surgeon to see if that’s possible. This is one of the most common reasons for a person to consider dermatological surgery.

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