The weather in Colorado keeps residential roofers in the state busy.

http://campbellbeardroofing.comThere are some parts of the country, like Florida for instance, where the weather is relatively similar throughout the year. In a place like Florida, it’s obviously much warmer in the summer than in the winter, but for the most part it’s relatively warm and humid there no matter the time of year. Then you have a place like Colorado, where the exact opposite is true. To be fair to the state, the weather isn’t as bad as a lot of people like to think. The winters are more mild than most of the country thinks, and the summers aren’t nearly as hot. However, there are four distinct seasons, and there’s always a week or two where it’s exceptionally warm and a week or two where it’s exceptionally hot. Add to that that the state sees a lot of severe thunderstorms in the summer and bad snowstorms in the winter, and you’ve got a state where the weather is unpredictable and sometimes rather extreme.

It’s the weather in the state of Colorado that keeps residential roofers in the state so busy. After the winter, a lot of homes need to have their roofs checked to ensure that there aren’t any leaks or cracks that were caused by the cold temperatures or by water getting into little nooks and crannies and then freezing. When water does this, it expands, and that can cause a great deal of issues for roofs. Thus, it’s important for homeowners in the state to hire residential roofers in the spring in order to have them inspect the roof to make sure everything is okay before the summer hits.

Once the late spring and early summer arrive, Colorado homeowners start to worry about another natural element causing damage to their roofs: extreme weather. Although Colorado doesn’t get the extreme weather that Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas do, the state still sees a number of severe weather events each year. Some of these events can bring strong winds with them, and in some cases even hail or tornadoes. All of these things cause a great deal of damage to roofs, and that’s why you’ll see roofing companies canvassing certain parts of the state after bad weather rolls through. If you live in Colorado, you’ve probably repaired or replaced your roof at least once because of hail, and that’s something you’re probably going to have to do again.

As you can see, Colorado is one of those states that throws just about everything it can at residential roofs. Virtually every homeowner in the state will need residential roof repairs at one time or another, either because of bad snowstorms, strong winds, cold temperatures, or thunderstorms. It’s just one of those things about living in the state, but the relatively moderate winters and the access to the gorgeous Rocky Mountains makes it all worth it. If you live in Colorado and you need your roof inspected or repaired, make sure you hire a company like Campbell Beard Roofing to do the job.