The Difference of Using Custom Orthotics

There are people who suffer from foot-related problems which can bring about pain and make one feel uncomfortable. Usually in these cases, the problem lies in the biomechanics of the person’s foot. In certain cases, the problem can even affect the person’s back, neck, hip, etc. The solution to this kind of problem is the use of an orthotic or custom orthotics. Orthotics are special insoles that are worn inside the shoe of the person which helps to correct any imbalance in the movement and mechanics of the person’s body, relieving any feeling of discomfort and pain.

Orthotics work to address foot biomechanical problems as eyeglasses work to address problems with a person’s eyesight. People who are experiencing pain in the areas of their neck, back, hip, ankle, foot, knee, etc. should consult with a specialist and they may be prescribed to get orthotics. Orthotics can come either over the counter or you can get custom orthotics made specially for you.

The better choice would be to go for custom orthotics. This is because the kinds of orthotics you will find over the counter aren’t really tailored to your problems and they also come with the risk of worsening any of the symptoms that you are experiencing due to the fact that generic orthotics just address the general conditions of these symptoms and the results can be questionable. It is important to understand that the shape and build your feet are a lot like your fingerprints, they are special and unique to you. To make the point clearer, let’s look into the specifics as to why custom orthotics are better. First let’s take a look at generic over the counter orthotics.

  • This kind of orthotics only provide generic solutions to the problem and they are not able to properly address the problems of your unique feet and the needs of your body and health.
  • The corrections that are offered by generic orthotics are not specific and they are not able to solve problems such as imbalance between the person’s left and right foot or problems of over-pronation.
  • This orthotics provide support to only one arch and in most cases results in over correction which result in worse symptoms.
  • The materials are susceptible to wear more often making their durability questionable.

Now let’s take a closer look into custom orthotics.

  • These are designed for you specially through the use of 3D scans, casts, and the assessment of a medical specialist
  • The corrections are crafted specifically by highly-trained technicians and done so by hand making it easier to correct pronation and an imbalance between both feet.
  • Custom orthotics help bring a more balanced foundations and stabilizes the pelvis of the wearer which results in corrections that can stand better.
  • Custom orthotics are made from premium materials and feature premium support making the wearer feel more comfortable and have more confidence in the durability of the custom orthotics.
  • Custom orthotics are proven by research to assist in relieving pain as well as improving the support and biomechanics of the wearer’s body.