Physical rehabilitation is a must for any injured athlete.

http://www.coloradoorthorehab.comFor an athlete who has poured everything they have into perfecting their sport, there are few things that are worse than going down with a major injury. Not only do you have to go through a potential surgery, months or years of rehab, and deal with the pain, but you also have to watch your teammates practice, compete, and win or lose without you. When you’re an athlete who loves your sport, all you want is to be out there with your teammates doing whatever you can to help them win. That’s not an option when you go down with a major injury like an ACL or achilles tear. You have to watch them go on without you, all while going through a painstakingly slow rehabilitation process that often feels like it’s never going to end.

When you’re an athlete and you go down with an injury, especially when you’re a professional that gets paid to play, physical rehabilitation is an absolute must. Physical rehabilitation is the process by which an athlete is able to repair their bones, muscles, and joints, strengthening the part of the body that was hurt while also improving the mobility in that area. Obviously, when an athlete goes down with a major injury that requires surgery, they’re going to require physical rehabilitation in order to work that part of their body back into shape and alignment with the rest of their body. If they want to avoid having another injury in the future, then they need to get the part of their body that was hurt back up to the same level of strength as the opposite part of their body. For example, if an athlete tears their ACL, they have to rehab that knee and get the ACL as strong as the other knee’s ACL. Otherwise, their body will be out of alignment, and a further injury is more likely.

Of course, even when athletes have injuries that aren’t quite as severe and don’t require surgery, they still need to go through orthopedic rehab. When someone pulls their quad muscle, for example, the reason that happens is because their body is out of alignment or the mobility in that muscle wasn’t good enough. Thus, the athlete should go through orthopedic rehab to strengthen the muscles in that part of the body and to improve their mobility. By strengthening the quad and improving the flexibility of that muscle, they not only repair it, but they also make it much less likely that it’s going to pull again in the future. It’s when athletes start to cut corners and don’t rehab their injuries correctly that they start to have the same injuries over and over again. They have to stick with their rehab and stay on top of it if they want to be at 100%.

It’s critical for athletes who have been injured to work with great physical therapists that really know what they’re doing, clinics such as Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. When you work with the best physical therapists, you ensure that your rehab goes as well as it possibly can.