Meadows Family Eye Care

Meadows Family Eyecare is a fully operational optometrist that specializes in providing a wide range of eye care services to residents living in Castle Rock and its environs. This is a licensed eye care center that is run by experienced optometrists who can deal with all the issues concerning the eyes. They will do all that they can to ensure that the clients get a better vision or solve any other problem on the eyes.

Apart from the high levels of professionalism, Meadows Family Eye Care also boasts of having the technologically advanced equipment to provide the best eye treatments. These equipment can detect problems in your eyes accurately and the eye doctors will embark on working on the solutions. Some eye problems can be solved by using the specific glasses. Meadows Family Eyecare stocks a broad range of glasses that you can use to improve your vision. You can be sure of finding the right glasses that will suit your needs. To make the matter better, the glasses are provided at affordable prices. The eye care center is keen on ensuring that its customers are happy and one way of doing so is by charging them fairly. Other key services that Meadows Family Eyecare provides include:

Eye Evaluation
Although you may be having a perfect vision, there could be an underlying problem on your eyes. If left untreated, the problem will explode and become a major issue. Since prevention is better than cure, you should consider going for a regular eye checkup. Meadows Family Eye Care provides a comprehensive eye health evaluation service.

With this service, an eye doctor will evaluate the health status of your eyes. In case the doctor detects a problem in your eyes, you will be advised on the most appropriate treatment that you should take. Eye health evaluation is done with the help of advanced equipment. It is always advisable to have an eye evaluation at least once a year. The check-up can detect some serious conditions such as tumors and even diabetes.

Eye Disease Treatment
There are various eye diseases that can affect you. Once you have been diagnosed with any eye disease, optometrists at Meadows family Eyecare will proceed to administer the most appropriate treatment. Given the experience that they have in this profession, their treatment methods are precise and accurate. They will help you to regain your health and have a better vision. Some of the eye treatment procedures that are carried out at Meadows Family Eyecare include:

-Glaucoma: These are eye diseases that damage the optic nerves leading to visual impairment or even blindness. Although there is no known cure for the condition, an eye doctor can administer medications that will inhibit the symptoms of this disease.
-Cataract surgery: This treatment reduces the clouding on the lens.
-LASIK: This is a surgery that is done to correct visual impairment. It provides an alternative to wearing glasses.
-CRT-Cornea Refractive Therapy (CRT) is the treatment that can help you to have a better vision without the need of using glasses.
Besides the treatment, eye doctors at Meadows Family Eyecare will recommend various methods that you can use to preserve the health status of your eyes. You can be advised on the foods to eat, medications to take or exercises that you should do.