Every water park needs to take part in water slide restoration each year.

http://www.slideriteusa.com/Now that the summer is over, it’s time for many water park employees to get to work. Obviously these employees work during the summer when their park is filled with customers, but they also do a ton of work restoring the park during the off season. Water parks take a ton of damage each year. All of the water running through the rides and all of the people do a number on the park, so each year during the fall most parks take part in some form of water park restoration. For a newer park, that might just mean cleaning everything really good and checking all of the equipment for safety issues. In an older park, the amount of work is much greater. Whole pieces of equipment have to be replaced, some structures have to come down, and sometimes even the concrete sidewalks have to be repaired or replaced.

The one thing that every single water park has to take part in each year is water slide restoration. If you think about it, water slides take a pounding during the summer. For at least eight hours every single day, water is run down them while person after person hops on them. The sheer volume of people going down them each day eventually wears them down, as does the sun beating down on them for 12 or more hours a day. Thus, once the summer is over and the children have gone back to school, every single slide in the park has to be restored.

What does water slide restoration mean? It varies from slide to slide, but in general it means first checking every aspect of the slide for safety. This means checking all of the bolts that hold each piece of the slide together to make sure that they’re all on tight. It means checking the bottom of the slide for any cracks or wear-and-tear that might pose a health risk to someone riding down it, like a broken piece of plastic or a large fissure. It also means making sure that the point at which the slide attaches to the ground is secure. Most slides have tall support beams that run from the slide to concrete blocks on the ground. Each part of this has to be checked to make sure the integrity of the slide is still intact.

Once the slide has been checked for safety, then a new coat of paint and a new gel coat often have to be applied. These things not only make the slide look newer and better, but they also ensure that the water running through the slide is able to do so uninhibited. A freshly painted slide with a new gel coat is a slick slide, which means it won’t cause any damage to a person sliding down it.

If you run a water park and you’re looking to restore your slides this off season, make sure you hire a company like SlideRite to handle the repairs. You need to work with a company like them who is experienced and thorough. That’s the best way to ensure your slides are ready to go for next summer.