Emergency Dental Services in Memphis

Caring for our teeth is something that we should be particular about. Practicing good oral hygiene every day and scheduling regular appointments with the dentists are steps to take to maintain the health of our teeth. Teeth are always subject becoming worn over time but it is through proper oral habits that we can slow down that deterioration and keep our teeth looking and feeling healthy. When our teeth do start to show signs of becoming deteriorated, dentists come in the mend our teeth and do some procedures to make our teeth looking healthy and whole again.
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However, there are situations where a dentist is needed to treat something as soon as possible. This can be considered an “emergency” with the problem being something dire. Here at Wohrman Dental Group we offer such emergency services with our emergency dentists to tend to your immediate dental needs. We in Wohrman Dental Group want to be able to tend to you in times of dire need and take care of your teeth. So what is it that we can do for you? Well generally we offer three emergency dental services which you can avail of if ever you find yourself in a problem that can be treated through the services we offer. 1.) Dental Tooth Extraction – If you have a tooth that is causing you a lot of pain and has become quite infected, one of the most viable options would be to remove your tooth. Removing the tooth will prevent the infection from spreading to your gums and make its way to your other teeth. The process of dental extraction involves anesthesia so you will barely feel a thing and it’s pretty much a quick process. Although there is a little bleeding it will stop. The only thing you’ll probably have to worry about is losing a tooth. 2.) Dental Root Canal – If there is still time to treat the infected tooth and you don’t want to lose your tooth, you could go for a dental root canal. During a dental root canal, the pulp of the tooth which is where infection has set is removed and cleaned out with dental tools. This process can be uncomfortable but once done the clean out tooth is filled up and topped off with some dental filling. In some cases, a dental crown is also attached over the tooth. 3.) Dental Crown – Teeth that have become damaged due to trauma can be very painful and quite vulnerable to further damage. It is in cases like these that a dental crown will be used. A dental crown is pretty much like a crown wherein it goes over the damaged tooth covering it whole. The damage tooth is shaped down to allow the dental crown to fit over properly. The crown serves as a form of protection and also acts as a replacement tooth. If ever you find yourself in need of emergency dental services, we at Wohrman Dental Group can help you out and mend whatever tooth problem you have.