The Different Roofing Types for When You Are Looking for a Roof Replacement

A damaged roof is one household item that can be quite worrisome. A damaged roof can bring with quite a few problems that can affect other areas of the house as well as the health of the inhabitants of the house. Tarnished roofing, whether it comes in the form of an old house or a natural disaster, does not only expose your attic or your residential floor to the skies, but the gradual yet imminent seasonal damage that it could cause to your whole house is nothing but detrimental to your family’s safety, health and well-being.

Those reasons can cause anyone to think about getting a roof replacement that is not only completed in a timely manner, but which could also stand the test of time over the next few years so you and your family do not have to suffer through the same scenario again.

Whenever you find yourself on the verge of a roof replacement due to damaged roofing caused by weather conditions, aged materials, or poor upkeep, make sure to keep this information about the most popular roofing types in mind. This would allow you to rest assured in the knowledge that the choice you are making is reliable and sustainable for potential damage over the years.


The Most Popular Materials for Roof Replacement

Whether or not you have been a part of a roofing project in the past, there are high chances that you know a little bit about how different roofing materials could fit different types of needs.

Roof Replacement

To cover the basics, asphalt roofing shingles are largely considered to be the most popular roofing type. These shingles are made from asphalt, ceramic granules and fiberglass, which makes them as lighter in weight as they are on your pocket. However, that can actually have adverse effects if you live in an area that is prone to be attacked by hurricanes, since these shingles can be whisked away quite easily by heavy winds. They are also known as composite roofing shingles.

Whereas, wood roofing shingles also happen to be quite budget friendly and lightweight. While they do not have the material combination of asphalt on their exterior, the natural sustainability of wood makes them quite immune to mild weather conditions while also not burning a hole in your pocket. Wood roofing shingles are popular amongst those who want their housing to look natural, and are thus often used in vacation homes, wood cabins, and even country style housing where the owners could trust the favorable weather conditions. One thing to know here is that there is a difference between basic wood roofing shingles and wood shake roofing shingles; the latter are made of sturdier log material and could thus last longer (which means they are also pricier).

On the other hand, Spanish style/clay roofing shingles get to be heavy to install due to their manufacturing that is based on hard and heavy materials such as concrete. Needless to say, they are heavier than asphalt and composite roofing shingles, but it also means that their density gets to reflect on your total roofing bill as well. However, they also get to be more sustainable to damage than their other counterparts: they are not prone to fly away like asphalt roofing shingles, nor are they too susceptible to catch fire like wood roofing shingles when contacted with directly.

Slate roofing is considered to be so strong that it outweighs the other roofing types that are considered to be the most popular. However, as durable as slate roofing tends to be, it is just as pricier and also needs the most intricate of roofing installation processes. Therefore, if you are looking into slate roofing, then remain prepared to pay extra for the material as compared to other roofing, as well as for the expertise that will help you install it.


Discuss Your Roofing Replacement Options With an Expert

Whether you select the popular asphalt roofing shingles or go with the sturdier clay roofing, ensure to discuss your options a local expert who can provide with you with suggestions based on expertise and what other houses around you are installing on their roofs. For instance, you may be willing to pony up for slate roofing, but that might not be needed in your area since your neighbor may have been safely using simple wood roofing shingles over the last two decades. Ensure to keep an open mind even after you have shortlisted your options.


If you are located in Colorado, then Roof Worx may be one of your best choices when it comes to discussing these options. The roofing replacement expert is known for being a reliable provider in the business of everything related to roofing, and has been operating as one of the topmost roofing contractors in the area. As a family owned business, Roof Worx understands the importance you put in your family’s health and wellbeing, and would be able to provide you with suggestions and advice that would help you make the best decision possible.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Recreational Marihuana in Colorado

While the State of Colorado has been marijuana-friendly for quite a while, with Amendment 64 being passed by voters in 2012, it also became the proud home of recreational marihuana. Since then, the state and its multiple cities have welcomed various cannabis dispensary locations within their jurisdiction, with them providing both medical marijuana and recreational marihuana services to state residents and tourists alike.

Under Colorado law, not only can state residents can purchase marijuana from a cannabis dispensary, but also those who are visiting Colorado from another state. If you are interested in purchasing some marijuana of your own, all that you need to do is to know where to find a cannabis dispensary or a cannabis boutique, and easily purchase recreational marijuana from them.

Know the Basic Rules of Purchasing Recreational Marihuana

Of course, even with the state being lenient towards the use of recreational marihuana, there are a few rules that individuals need to abide by.  Follow these rules and stop by a cannabis dispensary like a pro.

recreational marihuana

Be aware that to purchase marijuana, whether medical cannabis or recreational marihuana, you need to be at least 21 years of age. Don’t forget to bring your ID when purchasing marijuana related products at a cannabis dispensary, it is important.

To clarify a question that most people still have about purchasing recreational marihuana in Colorado: the residents of Colorado and tourists visiting from out of state can purchase the same amount of marijuana in a single transaction.  While there was a Colorado state law that let state residents purchase up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of recreational marihuana while only allowing up to a quarter ounce (7 grams) to non-residents, this was updated in June 2016. Now both residents and non-residents from Colorado can purchase up to 1 ounce of recreational marihuana in a single transaction.

You might fret at the thought of only being able to purchase 1 ounce of marijuana but at least there are a variety of options.

You can buy flower, edibles and concentrates. Leave the cannabis boutique or cannabis dispensary with a packet of recreational marihuana and edibles for the best experience.

When you run out, simply visit the same cannabis boutique or cannabis dispensary again and replenish your personal stash.

Where to Find Recreational Marihuana

The cannabis dispensary sector has grown at an exponential rate within the last few years, it is easy to find a cannabis boutique near you whenever you are visiting Colorado. Just make sure to only buy recreational marihuana from a licensed retailer in Colorado. To find some recreational cannabis in Denver, go to vendors such as Groundswell.

As a cannabis boutique that is focused on serving the local community, Groundswell is known for providing medical marijuana and recreational marihuana products to locals and tourists alike. With items ranging from flowers to edibles to concentrates, the cannabis dispensary provides a range of options to those who appreciate the medicinal and health benefits of marijuana.

Groundswell has been around for a while now, since 2010 Groundswell has been serving marijuana products to the local area and it seeks to continue its services for years to come.